Moving to New York?

Welcome to the “Empire State”

Insurance & Registration

In order to register a car in New York State, one of your first steps will be to buy insurance for the car.  Click here to get a quote.  At a minimum you will need liability and personal injury protection.  If the car is newer or of high value, you may also want to consider “comprehensive” and collision coverage as well.  As per the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles you must register your car (i.e. get your own New York license plates on the car) within 30 days of moving to New York.

When registering your car with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) you will need to bring with you a hard copy of your New York State insurance ID card.  This is a barcoded document so make sure it is printed in good quality or you may not be able to register the car.  Another common mistake people make is not having their full legal name match the the insurance ID card and other documents such as their driver license.  Tip: you can do some DMV transactions online rather than going to an office.

Other States

Each state defines their own rules for insurance.  Even a neighboring state like New Jersey has very different requirements for what has to be in a car insurance policy and what can be offered.  For this reason you should not expect to pay the same exact amount for car insurance when you move to a new state, even if you are insuring the same car with the same insurance company but in a different state.


Your driver license does not need to be issued by New York State to purchase New York car insurance; although you will need to obtain a New York driver license within a specified time frame soon after becoming a New York resident.  This applies to both non-New York driver licenses issued in the United States and also international driver licenses.

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